What Is Management Information Systems (MIS) + Free Essay Examples

Many business students have heard of management information system analysis or even performed one. MIS analysis is a business decision-making tool that provides accurate data on various organizational assets. It also helps firms gain maximum benefit from investments in equipment, personnel, and business processes.

Learn more about the benefits of MIS analysis and its types from this article!

🔝 Top-10 Examples of Management Information Systems

  1. Information Technology in Business Decision-Making
  2. Carlsen and Agsten Companies: Production and Supply Chain
  3. Decision-Making Systems in the Banking Industry
  4. Emirates Airlines' Information System and Strategies
  5. Sears Company's Transaction Processing System
  6. Pepsi Company Problems and Solutions
  7. Citibank's Management Information System
  8. Toyota Company: Supply Chain Management
  9. Marketing Information Systems and Sales Performance in Saudi Arabia
  10. Integrated Management Information System – Analysis

🤔 What Is Management Information Systems (MIS)

A management information system (MIS) collects and stores business data to help executive management increase productivity. MIS is a computer system comprising hardware and software used in most organizational processes.

MIS analysis aims to correlate data on multiple assets to improve a business’s strategic planning. It includes various business assets, such as financials, inventory, manufacturing, marketing, etc. For example, MIS analysis enables managers to compare marketing campaigns by geographic location or sales, thus improving their decision-making.

MIS analysis can include budgeting charts, product cost analyses, trend charts, or forecasting. In other words, it contains anything that can help managers run the company more efficiently.

The Purpose of Management Information System Analysis

The key objectives of management information system analysis include the following:

  • Effective planning. MIS aims to quickly provide management with all the data needed to make the right decisions.
  • Organizational control. MIS collects the latest information on business processes so that managers can be aware of everything happening.
  • Graphical reporting. MIS highlights the key points associated with the performance of different organizational assets.

📚 Types of Management Information Systems

There are many types of management information systems that help businesses achieve competitive advantage. Consider the most common ones:

  1. Marketing and sales system. This system helps managers to track the efficiency of a company’s marketing functions and campaigns. It also monitors the quality of products, pricing policy, and advertising.
  2. Human resource system. This information management system allows managers to keep track of employees, their recruitment, and financial elements like payroll and retirement. In addition, the human resource system automatically collects and evaluates candidates’ resumes.
  3. Decision-making system. This system helps managers make decisions by gathering data from internal and external sources.
  4. Accounting and finance system. The accounting system assists managers with daily transactions like payroll, local taxes, and pension funds. It also tracks the investments and assets of a company.
  5. Process control system. It evaluates the production system efficiency and monitors the safety of workers participating in manufacturing processes.

📝 Example of Management Information Systems MIS

Management information systems can benefit a business and its financial performance in many ways.

For example, many companies are now looking for more effective communication tools within the office. A possible solution is to apply the office automation system. This information system integrates computer servers for each employee and facilitates communication between departments.

You can find more exciting case studies of using MIS in business by checking out samples from our database.

👍 Management Information Systems Analysis Research Paper Examples

  1. Six Sigma Implementation Using Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The purpose of the paper is to discuss the value of information systems and technologies in the development of the Six Sigma methodology.
  2. Tepco Inc.'s Marketing and Customer Management
    Business essay sample: Marketing aims at satisfying the needs of the consumers. It does this by ensuring that consumers can get the products when they need them.
  3. Business Processes and Information Systems
    Business essay sample: Business processes are a series of interrelated activities or tasks aimed at accomplishing particular objectives in a company or organization.
  4. Advanced Marketing Systems Trends
    Business essay sample: This is a research paper aimed at studying the diversity in the trends through which marketing management systems support has evolved in.
  5. Information Systems Improving Business Efficiency
    Business essay sample: Information has emerged as an essential agent of integration of corporate activities and also as enabler for enhancing the competitiveness of present day’s business houses.
  6. The Development of an Information System to Support Inventory Management
    Business essay sample: This dissertation describes the perceptions and opinions of the development of an information system for inventory management on the example of “Trinidad Energy Supplies & Services Limited”.
  7. Information System and Inventory Management Connection
    Business essay sample: This work describes the perceptions & opinions of The Development of an Information system for Inventory Management Study factors affecting their drives & examination.
  8. What Is Human Resource Development? Evolution of the Field
    Business essay sample: The Human resources can be defined as the talent, skills and knowledge of the people which is used in the production of goods and providing valuable services.
  9. Sephora Company: Enterprise Information System
    Business essay sample: The operations and supply chain management deal with the way Sephora purchases raw materials, turns them into beauty products and distributes to the shops where they are sold.
  10. Information Systems and Management
    Business essay sample: Organizations use information technology to collect data, filter the data, process, and compile the processed data into useful information.
  11. Human Resource Information System
    Business essay sample: Various programs under the HRIS are developed to assist in the recruitment process, in job analysis, developing job descriptions, handling responses from job seekers.
  12. Assessment Dutch Conglomerate
    Business essay sample: This assessment will evaluate the Dutch conglomerate, ING. ING is a global financial institution “offering, banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services”.
  13. Business Analysis and Management of Change: Applying SSM to the CONFIRM Case
    Business essay sample: The SSM is one of the best and advanced systems thinking approaches for analyzing problems in the workplace where the problem issues cannot be defined.
  14. Marketing Management. The Value Chain Process Coty UK
    Business essay sample: Effective structure and technological solutions applied in the value chain process allow Coty UK to compete on the global scale and deliver superior quality of products and services.
  15. Virgin Atlantic Airlines: Management Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The research aims to look into how information systems affect decision-making processes in the company Virgin Atlantic Airlines and how they can be used for competitive advantage.
  16. Grameen Bank: Management Information Systems
    Business essay sample: Management information systems have brought revolution regarding how organizations are managed. The systems help to organize information, making management roles simple.
  17. Emirates National Bank of Dubai's Internship Experience
    Business essay sample: The curriculum for the Management Information System offered by the American University of Sharjah requires that students attend internships for one and half months.
  18. Concepts of Management Accounting, Capital Decisions
    Business essay sample: The aim of this paper is to take a deeper look at the concepts of management accounting, costing process, cost & capital structure and budgeting process.
  19. Internal and External Influences on the Company
    Business essay sample: Internal elements are more critical to its growth and sustainability than external factors that have gained momentum.
  20. Strategic Implications of Information Technology on Overstock
    Business essay sample: Overstock operation involves multiple specialized processes, carried out by different people at different levels of the business organization.
  21. The Impact of Management Information System on Organization
    Business essay sample: Implementation of effective management information systems transforms organisation decisions making process from irrational to rational.

💡 Essay Ideas on Management Information Systems Analysis

  1. Managing Knowledge and Information System in Organization
    Business essay sample: Management Information Systems (MIS) is determined as the study of people relationships within an organization and the ways to improve those through the use of technology.
  2. How Management Information System (MIS) Saved Souq Company?
    Business essay sample: This paper seeks to discuss how Souq an e-commerce business used MIS as a useful tool to gain competitiveness and increase its market share by customer information acquisition.
  3. The Importance of Human Resource Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The following paper is related to the topic of Human Resource Information System, the field of Human Resource Information System is extremely dynamic and immeasurably enormous.
  4. Knowledge Management: Toyota Case Study
    Business essay sample: Toyota has created the Toyota Network System (TNS), which connects dealers, manufacturing plants, and suppliers to maximize the effectiveness of production management
  5. Information Systems and Business Process
    Business essay sample: Companies need to have a clear understanding of their long-term and short-term information requirements through the incorporation of appropriate information systems.
  6. Logistics Information Management
    Business essay sample: One of the roles of an effective logistics management information system is the provision of timely and correct information that can be used in the decision-making process
  7. Analysis of Management Information Systems
    Business essay sample: The paper examines information systems, their structures and principles, the impact on the organization and as well as the degree of their application.
  8. Accounting Information Systems at Cube Technologies
    Business essay sample: Information systems consist of an organized network of people and infrastructure that aid in decision-making. They are office automation, transaction processing systems, etc.
  9. No Risk in Abolishing Budgeting
    Business essay sample: Beyond budgeting has a very simple slogan in its head. That is “abolish budget”. This model claims to have abolished the traditional budgets and budgeting techniques.
  10. CRM and It Pertains Information Systems Management
    Business essay sample: The paper is an in-depth analysis of the role played by information systems management in customer relationship management.
  11. Salim Group's Company Analysis Since 1990
    Business essay sample: The political environments of the countries in which Salim and his group are venturing into are quite stable. The countries provide a good business environment.
  12. Ackoff’s Management Information System
    Business essay sample: Information Technology (IT) control and audit play critical roles in enhancing the uprightness of Information Systems (IS) as well as reporting of organization finances.
  13. Management Information Systems Application
    Business essay sample: This article aims to analyze the application and degree of effectiveness of information technology in one of the departments of the company selling equipment and stationery.
  14. Security and Privacy of Management Information System
    Business essay sample: All computer systems and management information systems are faced with issues to do with the security and privacy of the data stored in them.
  15. Walmart: Management Information Systems (MIS)
    Business essay sample: This paper has explored the information system technologies used by one of the leading retailers in the world - Walmart.
  16. Management Information System
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses two ways to update the information in a specified database. Online processing is the system where information transactions flow in real-time.
  17. Discussion of Management Information System
    Business essay sample: Management information systems associates with significant advantages within the workplace because they are instrumental in strategic planning and management control.
  18. Best Buy Inc.: CRM, Organizational Management and Strategy
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes Best Buy Inc., its management information system, customer relationship management, resource planning, organizational management and strategy.
  19. Organizational Project Management Office
    Business essay sample: The paper discusses the establishment of project management office at ABC Group that is currently struggling with project fulfillment and disorganization.
  20. Starbucks Corporation in China: Problems During September 2017
    Business essay sample: This paper analyzes the case of Starbucks Corporation during the fiscal year ending September 2017; the primary problem identified was a marketing strategy.
  21. Southwest Airlines: Business Strategy
    Business essay sample: Southwest Airlines aims to increase international revenue; in 2017, it increased by 55% but accounted for only 3% of the company's total earnings.

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