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The following paper is a report from Wiz Consultants about the final selection of the best candidate for the vacant position in the new division of Tasty Products as an executive V.P. It gives a thorough analysis of the characteristics and background of the most suitable three candidates. The report aims to provide logical and well-weighed reasoning for choosing one candidate over another two.

Thus, the first section of the paper contains information about the management skills of the applicants. The next part of the report is about the leadership qualities each of them posses. Then, the paper looks at the type of leadership and how it can affect the new segment. Lastly, there is the ranking of the candidates and a detailed explanation of choice. The report also provides the reason behind the rejection of the rest of the candidates and all necessary conclusions about the analysis.

Management Skills

The technical abilities of a manager are extensive and require many skills in different aspects. They include working with computers and programming, creating instruments and hardware as well as the abilities expected to help deals, plan various the final picture of the product, and market the administrations and the items (Longenecker & Mallin, 2019). T.J. is known to have increased the production rates of the previous companies she worked in. She is proficient at preparing business plans, and general operations plan and can manage work in social media.

She knows how to search for valid information and helps others to construct a vision about their duties and understand the mission of the company. L.L. has an impressive background in sales and marketing. He is good at monitoring every employee and any changes which might happen during work. He knows how to manage a large number of workers and has experience working with more than one country as a target market. J.C. also worked with Canada and the U.S. and has an idea of how to place appropriate prices for the new products. He strictly follows the management guidelines and all the necessary procedures for validating the product distribution at stores. Planning is a fundamental task for a person in an executive position inside an association (Sattayaraksa & Boon-itt, 2018). It infers one’s capacity to sort exercises by the set rules while staying inside the restrictions of the accessible assets, for example, time, funding, and work.

Leadership Skills

T.J. is responsible, motivational, and confident in her leadership skill. She navigates her employees on important tasks and guides them without strong interference. She respects individuality in the personnel, thus, supports a democratic approach while administering. According to the module, in general, leaders are open to new thoughts and opinions (Lumen Learning, n.d.).

They frequently perceive that development is important, and they are ready to accept interesting proposals from others. Together with being open-minded, T.J. is intelligent and has an idea about how to optimize sales and distribution of items.

L.L. has a strong drive to achieve set goals, and he is willing to take risks to achieve better results; hence, he is self-confident. These are three of the characteristics which a good leader should have (Lumen Learning, n.d.). He can create a friendly atmosphere at work but at the same time can respond to any changes in a timely and effective manner.

J.C. is indicated to be fair to his employees, and he is respected by them. This is crucial for building confidence and trust in workers and organizations, without which a leader is not probably going to be compelling in his or her methods (Lumen Learning, n.d.). He is also very careful before making important decisions and weighs all potential risks before confirming anything. J.C. is attentive to technical details and is clever about product manufacturing and its vision.

Leadership Types

It seems all the three candidates are transformational leaders, which is good for the company as the motivation of employees does not depend on money and bonuses but the results of the sales. Transformational leaders are not afraid to question existing issues and assist individuals with widening their scope methods (Lumen Learning, n.d.). This is the most suitable type of leadership for the release and development of a new product (Sattayaraksa & Boon-itt, 2018).

It is much more effective in reproducing sales numbers in comparison with transactional leadership, which is based on monetary rewards (Inyang et al., 2018). T.J. is a responsible worker who promotes critical thinking and innovative ideas of her followers and can delegate the tasks. L.L. has a transformational type of leadership because he uses a charismatic approach when he guides people. He is popular among other workers and knows how to motivate them. Similarly, Tasty Products has been trusting the managing approach of J.C. for his charisma and focus on employee development.

Candidate Recommendation

The most suitable candidate for the position of the executive V.P. in Tasty Products is T.J. The second candidate who could fit the role of an executive in this division is J.C, and the last choice would be L.L. She is ideal for the company as she has worked in the natural product manufacturing organization before. She has a total of 20 years of experience as a manager and was noted to be successful at the execution of her duties. T.J. can find a common language with everybody, meaning she will be able to blend in with the newly formed division.

She respects the opinions of those who are in a lower position and can direct them in the right way, which can benefit the company. Fresh ideas and quick cooperation of the colleagues are exactly what is needed for the recently opened section in Tasty Products. The Human Resources of the firm has asked for a competent candidate who can handle complex and massive tasks. T.J. has previously worked at the largest segment of her company. Consequently, she should have developed the necessary skills for operating large-scale projects. She understands the significance of teamwork but does not restrict the individuality of the group at the same time.

Furthermore, the company mentions it is crucial to communicate the uniqueness of their energy bars to the consumers. This is the specialty of the first candidate as she is praised for her negotiation abilities at her previous workplaces. The executive experts demonstrate that skills such as passionate insight, communication abilities, having the capacity to successfully mentor and create a clear goal, responsibility, critical thinking, uprightness, and information processing are the most crucial among others (Longenecker & Mallin, 2019). T.J. is an exemplary manager who can create an appealing and working vision of the product. She has an official degree in business; therefore, she is qualified to construct business plans and proposals without anyone’s assistance.

Rejected Candidates Explanation

The main reason for choosing J.C. over L.L. is his loyalty to Tasty Products and a clear understanding of the firm’s working procedures. He values and respects the organization’s approach and has the strongest will to raise the company to another level. He has been developing his skills from the smaller facility of the company to the headquarters, demonstrating his potential to grow.

Similar to T.J. he has expertise in working with organic products and knows this sphere quite well. He previously showed that he can gather an efficient group independently and can be a competent mentor to his followers. The education of the person in the managing position is often important, and this candidate owns an MBA degree. Despite all of these, he has the least experience of all candidates and has never delegated similar tasks, which will be in this new position. J.C. is not experienced and marketing or sales, which are the main scope of the company. He might be good at technical elements, but he is less skilled than a proficient manager.

Even though L.L is a confident and experienced worker who has shown well-established leading skills, he does not have some essential qualities of a good manager. He is innovative and competitive, which makes his strategies work well in the sales industry. Nonetheless, he is often willing to take risks that can pose a potential danger to a newly developing product. He seems to approve of a relaxed environment at the office. It may be beneficial for workers’ well-being and communication with each other. However, if employees become engaged in this type of work mode, there is a danger of not reacting to some news on time. L.L. also lacks any special education in business, administration, or any other specialty, making the other two candidates more qualified.


All three chosen candidates possess the necessary skills for the vacant position of the executive V.P. of the newly launched section of Tasty Products, which will produce naturally flavored protein bars. They have a long experience (more than ten years) of being in an administrative position in companies with a similar focus and mission as Tasty Products. All of them have the fundamental qualities of a good transformational leader who tries to motivate and guide their employees. The candidates are confident in their abilities that they can establish the successful launch of the item. They have experience in working with required reporting and procedural documents.

Judging from the portfolios, T.J. is the best candidate for this work. She has the longest and most evident expertise in the sphere and illustrated she can manage several difficult tasks at the same time. She has proven to be eligible to delegate and distribute the tasks. T.J. is creative about the presentation of the product and supportive of her followers. This is the most important for this organization’s new goal.

The next suitable individual is J.C. as he has been working in Tasty Products for many years and shares the same vision. However, he has the least experience in management out of all three and has never worked in the sales department. The least suitable candidate is L.L. due to his questionable method of management and lack of an appropriate higher degree.


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