Roles of Motivation, Leadership, and Communication

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The purpose of this paper is to bring an analytical perspective to the whole understanding of management and the professional behavior related to it. There are interpretive means that need to be well synchronized in order to have a very dynamic positioning. The purpose of this paper is very much related to various levels and interpretations of the system of behavior that someway or supports and manipulates the modes of communication, leadership and motivation.

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In this paper, I am also going to explore the matter of communication, leadership and motivation in reference to a practical incident. There is the need for a very continuous flow and a proper amalgamation of all these things in order to have better functionality within the organization. This will get well reflected outside and will bring in a better public image for future profit margins. behavior in an organization is considered to be the soul of making people sustain their faith and confidence with it. This is the chief matter of understanding and exploration of this paper. I am trying to interpret the whole matter in reference to the sources provide.

Communication, Leadership and Motivation

The term and the act related to the application and the systematic persuasion of communication is the process that helps in attempting and conveying the necessary information from a sender to a receiver. This is done through a particular medium and most of it is air. There are all other mediums present and these are all very much applicable in sharing communication. It happens through the auditory means and the non-verbal physical means that include body language. These are some of the specified means threat brings in communication in an organization and improper dealings with all these gestures and articulate powers can lead to proper mismanagement in the system and the planning of a company.

There are instances when the coordination and communication problems within a particular corporate branch come under notification in a much more distinctive way. There are certain specified reasons for this realization in the System and Planning section than in production. As in a branch, the purpose is to make the other person realize and understand the feelings, emotions, thoughts and those entire abstract things that module the human mind. There is the application of a huge phenomenal repertoire of skills that is a part of intrapersonal and exclusive interpersonal processing. In a branch, the whole mechanism is very concrete and as such, there is less scope f broadening it up or having any blockage to the realization. Whereas in the case of Production there is the scope of broader communicative circulation and the problems are less acutely realized. It is through the means of communication that there is the building of collaboration and cooperation in the social interaction in the production. One of the major causes is that the Systems and planning management is powerless in dealing with the Production section management. The only reason is that the department head always emphasizes the importance of the latter.

Karl Darmody is a predominant thinker in this perspective. According to his analytical survey of 18 months on bureaucratic structure and style of leadership, he makes few distinctive analyses for the purpose of realizing the motivational state. Under the bureaucratic system, obedience and inter-state politics play the actual role. It is here that, Karl interpreted such a stage from the administrative point of view. There is an amount of management that needs to be more specific in the bureaucratic system. Karl refers to motivation as the reason for engaging the leadership qualities in human behavior.

The best ever solution that can come in terms of managing better administrative structure is through lessening the fights mostly initiated by the system against the production (Johns, G and Alan Saks., 2008). These are the need for a drastic change in job attitudes. There is an additional need for experience and some extra training in terms of gaining better footage in the whole company. The System and Planning must have more speculative and analytic means to have proper command over the organizational setup. In order to gain more importance in the organization, modifications are also to be made in terms of distribution of work and cooperative means. System and Planning in fact are losing much of their status due to the communication gaps and the lack of transparency in the leadership and motivational proceedings. The most important thing that the modification sector must have is related to the attitude that has been carried in the processing of the functionality of Systems and Planning. System and planning must grow in terms of managing projects and there must be a well-dominated domain in terms of maintaining and managing motivation within the company. There are many perspectives that a process of Systems and Planning need to be followed for a better communicative and motivational working atmosphere with the Production. The System and Planning must work together for the establishment of their reputation and must maintain it with all kinds of behavioral professionalism.

The Case of Dan, Lori and Helen

The analytical perspective of communication, leadership and motivation can be well speculated in terms of the reference as has been provided. This case is very much related to an organizational setup that is facing a continuous ‘negative atmosphere’ for the purpose of bringing some better policies within the organization. In this case, it is Dan is the person who is suffering from stress and mental agony. The factor that is making him go helpless is the need that the company demand from him. The company has asked him to retire before time. The reason is to save more energy and to bring younger groups into the organization. The added reason is that by letting people of Dan’s age go from the company, it will make the younger group work more. Dan was very disappointed with this decision as he knew that he can work a few years more in the organization. There is no doubt about the fact that Dan’s anxiety is very reasonable and there are all kinds of matters related to his job that will go in secured. It is true that as compensation he will get enough money from the department but he will no more be able to work and there is the fear of being idle. The only option that he can now think of is of having a business. He can well manage a firm now and his experiences will be of great help to him

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On the contrary, there is the character of Lori representing the whole younger generation in the company. She is around 20 years younger than Dan and has got no risk of these kinds of untimely retirement. She is a dynamic worker and understands her job very well. Though she is much younger than Dan, her efficiencies are no less than him. She is very efficient and has got a better perspective in any other company. The only thing that makes her better than Dan is her confidence which supports her age. As against Dan, Lori can definitely work more than Dan and can take more stress. She is well versed in her job and thus is an integral part of the company. These are of course same in the case of Dan, but what makes him getting little less rated than Lori is his age.

Among all these controversial conditions of the company the role played by their Boss, Helen is very vital. Dan always had better terms with her, but after the declaration of his retirement, her attitude seems to change. She acts more indifferently to him and also hardly maintains any friendly terms. This has got a very negative reflection on him. He feels very dislocated and the stress in him increases. As a matter of fact, Helen never should behave like that. Being a senior official she needs to be a positive attitude. She is the actual source on the behalf of the company that can make Dan feel that he is not asked to retire because of his age, but just that the company wants to make more profit by curtailing the employees. Now the company aims at making more profit through people who are young and less in number. This is a part of bigger planning and the target is to achieve more production from limited sources.

If the case gets studied with more intensity then we will realize that it is very important for the company to bring in a positive working atmosphere in the office. It is very necessary for the company to minimize the negative effects of mergers and acquisitions for better working results. If negative vibes continue from the managers like those of Helen then the whole community of employees will suffer from the after-effects of these early retirements. The stress that Dan is facing is increasing day by day as he is continuously thinking of his inefficiencies to be in the company. If something serious happens with him then the younger group will surely support him and will get insecure. This will bring in the act of change in job. The company will soon start losing the best of its employees and will repent for its unprofessional leadership participation.

In order to stop all these things, there is the need for the theory of cognitive dissonance. It is that grounding whereby a leader can have people for a motivational drive in order to get more resources. This will also help in reducing the amount of unbalanced dissonance through the application of changed attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. This is also very much a part of justifying or rationalizing the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the employees. It is through cognitive dissonance theory that a leader can turn very influential and can vary extensively explore social psychology. This is the reason that in this case, it is very important to have some top-level meetings where the managers and the senior managers need to be instructed of maintaining a positive working atmosphere in the company. The people who are of Dan’s age and are going to retire must be supported well and needs to place with great respect. This will motivate the younger generation and will bring confidence to the company. They too will get assured that their contribution will also get acknowledged at the end of the day. All these elderly people of the company must be given full respect and enough space to teach the younger generation.


Eventually, we can see that it is a matter of great responsibility for the managers and the officers in charge to bring in a positive attitude and a healthy atmosphere in the company. There is a need for proper communication and absolute management of motivational attitudes. The leadership qualities will get well recognized only when these things will get well structured.

The perspectives of maintaining and managing well-structured communication get initiative from cognitive dissonance. This is the point that holds two uncomfortable feelings simultaneously. This is very dangerous for the employees. It is a state of mixed feelings as we can see in Dan. Specification of motivational attitudes and beliefs needs to be well synchronized. There is a need for the awareness of one’s behavior and the effect that persists out of it. These are some of the specific leadership qualities that are very much indispensable for the maintenance of mutual communication between the employer and the employee. An amalgamation of communication with positive motivational attitudes is the quality of a leader and that is the source of prosperity for the company.


Johns, G and Alan Saks, 2008, Organizational behavior: Understanding and Managing Life at Work, Pearson Education– Custom Edition to York University, “7th edition”.

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