William Arruda and Developing Oneself as a Brand

William Arruda focuses on creating and developing oneself as a brand. The process of creating one self’s image is called personal branding. Arruda’s advice is that what makes one unique makes one successful. In other words, every person has endowed with exceptional strengths and abilities; attributes that make him/her stand out. Arruda is an excellent public speaker, has a great passion for people, and has long experience in corporate branding. These aspects make him extremely successful as an entrepreneur and president of Reach communications; a leading global consultancy firm on personal branding which he founded.

According to Dubrin (2010), Arruda is a charismatic motivational speaker who employs humor, exceptional energy, and passion in his presentations. He has worked with IBM as a marketing executive for 20 years, an experience from which he draws his expertise on branding. He has given tutorials to many clients in the United States and beyond and boasts of having IBM, JPMorgan, British Telecom, Microsoft, to name but a few, as his clients. Given the quality of his tutorials and works, most of his clients are greatly satisfied and are more than willing to recommend him to others. Perhaps the success of his clients provides confidence in his expertise on matters of personal branding. His client Jane Swift, a program coordinator at British telecom, attributes her success to his advice. In light of these outstanding performances, Arruda is qualified to correct the personalities of his clients. Most probably, he knows something his clients do not know given the fact that he has been in the industry for quite a long time. To his clients, he is like a reference point and thus has the authority to correct those seeking advice from him.

I agree with Arruda that if you do not show up on Google, you do not exist. In effect, the world has become one global village courtesy of persistent technological advances. Google is connecting people across the world and as producers labor to take their products international, so should personal branding. In today’s world where technological revolution rules, it is easy for one to establish, position, and compete globally. The World Wide Web provides a clear road map for personal marketing. Most professionals use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more other social media networks to connect with the rest of the world.

People differ because everyone possesses unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, people come from diverse environments with different cultures and beliefs. Moreover, opportunities available differ from person to person as well as place to place. If anything, no one knows it all. As the adage goes, growth is the only evidence of living and for one to grow; he/she has to learn which can only come through the guidance of the professionals. The best learning is learning from the best; therefore, professional guidance is desirable to match these diverse aspects of life to create a perfect personal brand.

If I were a car, I would love to be a range rover sport. It is classy, powerful, and reliable. Because of these attributes, it prominently stands out. The course instructor would probably be a turquoise IH Scout II. This car is powerful and unique; it can go anywhere. Like our instructor, I find him well versed in many academic disciplines.


Dubrin, A. J. (2010). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, Skills, Rochester Institute of Technology.