Mont Blanc Creative Brief

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Mont Blanc is a Swiss company based in Geneva that designs, produces, and distributes luxury products across the world. It manufactures high-end and pricy-fashion pens, writing instruments, jewels, and wristwatches. Its beginnings in the watchmaking industry are linked to the Richmond Group, which has influenced its decisions to open up more shops in many geographical locations to produce watches with the Mont Blanc logo. The company is known for delivering elegant chronographs with the highest level of intricacy.


The product depicted in the ad is the Monte Blanc chronograph wristwatch, a world-class wearable device that has been designed to deliver a unique experience to style lovers. Built with state-of-the-art technology, the timepiece offers its users satisfaction and value for money owing to the product’s beauty of craftsmanship and elegance (Besler, 2020). The product to be advertised is an exclusive pinnacle of complexity that is expected to encourage excellent sales in its market network.

The basic problem that advertising must solve. Why advertise? Describe the problem that advertising should be designed to solve.

The underlying problem that the advertisement must solve is the issue of time. Successful people value time as an essential part of any activity that they want to accomplish. Mont Blanc’s wristwatch is precisely a timely piece for its target audience. With integrated technology to display a timer in addition to the ordinary clock capabilities, the product is meant to help customers manage their tasks effectively by monitoring their time.

However, the company must advertise because of the existing rivalry within the industry. Mont Blanc is grappling with stiff competition from other chronograph makers in the luxury watch segment, such as Rolex, Breitling, and Omega. The company also has a hard time to market this product because the communications industry has threatened the smartwatch business by integrating clock functionalities into smartphones. As a result, the advertisement must counter this challenge showing the audience that the Mont Blanc device has a taste of sophistication and exclusivity.

The advertisement is also expected to solve the problem of price. Although the chronograph falls under the company’s luxury product segment, it is far much inexpensive compared with Longines, high-end Tissot, and other fine-watch brands such as Rolex, Breitling, and Omega. Therefore, Mont Blanc’s watches will outperform the competitors for comparatively less money (Rovzar, 2017). Consumers will be assured value for their money based on the premise that the company uses sophisticated technology and high-quality materials to design and manufacture its devices.

Advertising objective that specifies a preferred response to the message. What do you want consumers to do? To think? What effect do you want the ad to have?

The objective of this ad is to reach a specific group of consumers with a distinctive and superior sense of class among the elite people. Customers will view that message through ads as they watch YouTube videos, browse websites, and chat on messenger applications, among other places. The attractiveness of the ad will be convincing enough to lure the consumers to an external link leading them to the company’s home page. Here, the audience will view an assortment of chronographs and most likely decide to purchase. Campaigns run on ads will also have an optional link to review the product and rate it against the brands of other competitors. This particular feature will help Mont Blanc assess its position in the wristwatch industry.

Target audience insights, such as attitudes and behavior. Age and gender are a good start but continue to include specific demographic and lifestyle details.

The age of the target audience for the campaign is 21 to 40-year-old males with well-paying jobs and living in the metropolitan areas of big cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia, among others. The people targeted by this advertisement have a high value for social class and would want to show the world that they are successful and accomplished (Arian, 2019). There is no better way to express themselves that adding a Mont Blanc watch to their routine attire. Due to sedentary lifestyle, this audience has a taste for sports to deal with increasing weight and to maintain body fitness. Mont Blanc’s time-walker sports watches have been designed to help athletics to keep track of time. With stop clock capabilities, the targeted people can easily record and retrieve the time taken to complete a particular fitness exercise. Another aspect that led to the selection of this audience is its seamless activity on the internet, especially on social media sites, fashion shows, and style magazines.

Furthermore, men in this age group are easily influenced by their friends to purchase luxury products. Montblanc TimerWalker Chronograph should be a reward for any groundbreaking success in a young man’s life as it does not go unnoticed. Its bold style is meant for attracting the attention of young people who have love to exemplify modernity. It has a blend of intricate functionality and catchy design that would lure any sophisticated watch wearer.

What is the key promise being made? The single most important message to achieve the advertising objective? Creative strategy rationale that supports the appeal.

A key promise to include in the ad will be the presence of a superior, bold, and state-of-the-art chronograph. Hugh Jackman, an Australian-British actor, singer, and producer, will be used as a brand ambassador to position the watch in the right class of audience. This move will create an impression of a product is both luxurious and expensive to prepare its buyers beforehand. The single most important message to achieve the advertising objective is to show off the individual status (Arian, 2019). Mont Blanc is not only an elegant wristwatch but also a status symbol and a reward for those individuals who make outstanding achievements. When a person wears a Mont Blanc timepiece, he or she automatically exemplifies a status of wealth and accomplishment. The ad will highlight the factual benefits of the wristwatch by showing its elegance and class, as revealed in Hugh Jackman’s boldness.

The creative strategy used in this campaign will make the target audience reel off a couple of reasons why Mont Blanc’s TimeWalker Chronograph is superior, even without having to think a lot. The plan is to create awareness of the brand’s preeminence by embracing an a simple and easily understood commercial advertisement (Rovzar, 2017). However, this idea will be built on the premise that the targeted audience posses rational minds to conceptualize the message on the advertisement (Blakeman & Taylor, 2019). Wealth and triumph are two singularities that many people strive to achieve in life. The target audience is considered impressionable and would go the extra mile to purchase items that make them feel successful and important.

Major selling idea or USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that stresses benefits.

People in millennial age are more concerned with their appearance and are obliged to controlling how others perceive them based on what they own. The newer generation has even developed a philosophy of influence and clout (Arian, 2019). Social media is an appropriate outlet for the targeted audience to show off a new Mont Blanc TimeWalker Chronograph to their followers. The advertisement will, therefore, influence their decision making provided they trust the product. The fact that the target audience makes about 40% of the working population in the US only is a clear indication of their value and potential to improve the company’s sales.

Furthermore, the advertisement clearly defines the target audience. Since this product exemplifies wealth and class, the buyers are expected to be wealthy people in the youthful age bracket (Arian, 2019). One primary selling idea is that the chronograph has a timer that can help in the management of tasks, including athletics and gym workouts. Besides, its emphasis on quality and elegance will allow consumers to show off their class and wealth.

The rational and emotional reasons the target audience will believe the key promise.

Mont Blanc’s marketing campaign is meant to boost its growth in the luxury watch segment. The company wants to get the advertisement right by using a famous person in the movie industry to lure its customers. Its target audience loves elegance and class, which is outrightly represented in the ad by the brand ambassador, Hugh Jackman. The campaign uses a rational, fact-oriented approach to appeal to the emotions of potential customers. The targeted audience represents a class of people who can make bold decisions based on what they need in life.

The advertisement features a moto indicating that it is “crafted for new heights,” which evokes an emotional response from the target audience. It intends to make the buyers feel the need for owning an expensive and elegantly designed timeless piece that will uphold their status (Blakeman & Taylor, 2019). This message is an integral part of the ad since it enhances credibility and authority; it makes the viewers leave the ad with the idea that they can purchase better chronographs. The announcement will be straightforward to give the viewers a clear picture of the product design and a sense of class that will be portrayed by the brand ambassador.


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