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Emaar Properties Company Performance and Management

Introduction For a company to be successful in its field of trade, it has to put in place effective performance measurement measures and a solid quality management strategy. These inputs will set it apart in the industry thus enabling it to deal with any competition that may be forthcoming. Constant...

The U.S Banking Regulation

Introduction The global financial system was in the verge of collapsing during the fall of 2008, which imposed significant effects on the global credit system. This resulted to increasing calls for significant adjustments to be implemented in the financial regulatory system. During 2010 July, the United States Congress enacted a...

The Real Exchange Rate

International trade theories An effective evaluation of real exchange rate should be preceded by a brief discussion on some of the international trade theories. This is imperative because to begin with, the exchange rate is broadly defined as the price of various currencies in international currency markets and again because...

Islamic Banks Product Development

Abstract Islamic banking has gained immense popularity in all parts of the world. It has emerged as an alternative for conventional banking, which focuses on profit generation and does not give any regard to social welfare and distribution of wealth. Dubai Islamic Bank was the first Islamic bank in the...

Global and Asian Financial Crisis Comparison

Introduction The Asian economic crisis of 1997 and the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 are similar in several fronts, particularly in the failures by responsive governments to control and manage financial markets. Also, both the financial crises were blamed on the failure by various monetary institutions to manage financial risks....

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Revenue Estimates in Budgets

Introduction Public budgeting can be described as the vital practice of revenue allocation for a given government or organization for it to achieve its economic and social obligations. Additionally, budgeting may consist of management of public expenditures in manner that will ensure that the most economic impact is realized (Chantrill,...

Financial Crisis in the 2007-2008 Years

A financial crisis is one of the issues that have generated a heated debate among scholars and financial analysts for years. The 2007/08 financial crisis is one of the worst that has ever happened in the global economy. Many scholars and analysts employ various models and theories in explaining the...

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