Best Free Business Essay Examples

Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Economic Budget Predictions

Introduction Governments have a responsibility to balance between their country’s expenditure and revenue by formulating and enacting monetary and fiscal policies. Moreover, governments should ensure that they balance between the application of the monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate economic growth. This assertion arises from the view that the implemented...

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Company Analysis

Apple Company Team Dynamics

Introduction Organizations are overly interested in hiring persons who can work effectively in a team environment. The goal is to ensure that decisions made by a given work group or team do not depend on the thoughts of one individual. Rather, they need to incorporate the perspectives of different people...


Total Quality Management in Supply Chain

Executive Summary Total quality management is a tool used by firms to enhance their production efficiency. This tool was developed in the 1970s in North America and it spread to Europe and other parts of the world. A number of quality management methods have emerged since then, but total quality...


Inventory Management in Supply Chain

Abstract The paper examines inventory management as a backbone of supply chain management. It provides an argument to support the claim and then proceeds to discuss other components of decision-making, system development and management in regards to the implementation of inventory management in different organization types. The paper only relies...


E-Business and E-Commerce: Difference Between Terms

Introduction Growth in the use of information technology has led to the development of e-business and e-commerce. Just like marketing includes sales of products, and sales do not necessarily include marketing, e-commerce is part of e-business, but e-business does not necessarily entail e-commerce. To understand the difference between e-business and...

Corporate Culture

Organizational Culture and Its Strategic Values

Strategic nature of organizational culture Organizational culture in a company is comprised of beliefs and espoused values that drive the employed toward assuming a specific behavior. Organizational culture can be effectively used as a strategic tool to influence higher levels of business performance for a business. Since organizational cultures are...

Corporate Culture

IKEA Company’s Organizational Culture Development

Company Story The IKEA Company specializes in home and office furniture. It offers customers practical, well-designed furniture solutions for all their needs. At the same time, it extends the services to storage, handling, and moving its products to make it easier for customers to get value for money and convenience...

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Company Analysis

Sea Treasures Company’s Change Models

Introduction In the contemporary business world, competition has intensified. Organizations are tasked with putting in place strategies to ensure that they stay relevant to the industry of operations. The competition necessitates the need to restructure the operations of business in order to remain profitable. According to Van Dijk (2009), organizations...


Flat Tax Rate Policy

Background The flat tax rate policy is a policy that has elicited mixed reactions from policymakers, politicians, taxpayers, and governments across the world. The controversy of the flat tax rate lies in the effects on economic growth and fairness among taxpayers. Fundamentally, the flat tax rate is a form of...


Alibaba Company Analysis

History and Mission Statement Alibaba is an online-based business that was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma. Ma, the company’s current chairman, named the business ‘Alibaba’ because the name was recognizable globally. Alibaba was the first company in China to deal with online business. The company was started in Jack...

Business Ethics

Ethical Issues in the Use of Social Media in the Workplace

Introduction Technology influences interaction between people in the workplace. For instance, social media enables employees to exchange information via chartrooms. Although social media makes people more productive in the workplace, the paper confirms that it is often associated with various ethical issues that have to be addressed to maximize employee...

Financial Markets

The U.S Banking Regulation

Introduction The global financial system was in the verge of collapsing during the fall of 2008, which imposed significant effects on the global credit system. This resulted to increasing calls for significant adjustments to be implemented in the financial regulatory system. During 2010 July, the United States Congress enacted a...

Financial Markets

The Real Exchange Rate

International trade theories An effective evaluation of real exchange rate should be preceded by a brief discussion on some of the international trade theories. This is imperative because to begin with, the exchange rate is broadly defined as the price of various currencies in international currency markets and again because...

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Financial Markets

Islamic Banks Product Development

Abstract Islamic banking has gained immense popularity in all parts of the world. It has emerged as an alternative for conventional banking, which focuses on profit generation and does not give any regard to social welfare and distribution of wealth. Dubai Islamic Bank was the first Islamic bank in the...

Financial Markets

Global and Asian Financial Crisis Comparison

Introduction The Asian economic crisis of 1997 and the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 are similar in several fronts, particularly in the failures by responsive governments to control and manage financial markets. Also, both the financial crises were blamed on the failure by various monetary institutions to manage financial risks....

Business Ethics

Ethical Compliance in Business

Introduction Every company has a code of conduct that governs the operations in one way, or another. In fact, each company shares its values and rules to gauge the behavior of all employees. Scholars and non-scholars define ethical compliance as due diligence and the promotion of organizational culture, which encourages...

Business Ethics

Is Louis Vuitton Ethical? Louis Vuitton Code of Ethics & Conduct

Louis Vuitton Background The Louis Vuitton is a multinational company based in France that was founded in 1854. The company is a renowned fashion house dealing with products such as sunglasses, fragrances, cosmetics, fashion apparel, and cloth distribution. Over the years, the company has spread its business activities across the...

Company Analysis

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company’s Quality of Services

The Ritz-Carlton trademark was founded by Cesar Ritz. The entrepreneur opened the first Carlton Hotel in London in 1899. During the Great Depression period, Johnson Company secured rights to the name of the hotel, and it was instrumental in developing entities under the name internationally. Marriott International purchased the Ritz-Carlton...

Marketing Planning

Lush Cosmetics Marketing Plan – Strategies & Issues

Introduction There should be a good strategic foundation on which a marketing plan is based. A good marketing plan will give the company a competitive advantage (Jobber, 2012). This essay is a development of a marketing plan for Lush Cosmetics, which is based in the United Kingdom; however, it has...

Decision Making

Online Decision Making Process and Consumer Behavior

Popularity of online shopping activities among consumers is a result of the progress of the Internet in a modern society. The online decision-making process includes stages which are typical for the general buying process, but the character of these stages is different. The consumer who prefers online purchasing activities concentrates...

Business Ethics

Business Ethics and the Organization’s Responsibility

Abstract This paper explores the notions of business ethics and responsibility. The concepts of ethics and legislation are studied and compared. The ideas of business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are discussed; the key notions of business law, including business torts and employment legislation, are considered. The specific difficulties...

Company Analysis

LensCrafters Company Strategic Management

Abstract The following paper examines LensCrafters Company to determine ways that globalization and technology have affected the company success. The discussion also analyses the mission and vision statements of the company to determine their effects on the company’s success. In addition, the paper analyses ways that the company can be...

Decision Making

Leadership Importance: Decision-Making Processes

Introduction Organizations always entrust managers with the responsibility of leading the employees based on effective decisions. However, to be an effective leaders, it is necessary for a manager to perform certain interpersonal roles such as being a leader, informational, and motivational roles. In addition, an organisation can perform effectively if...

Financial Markets

Revenue Estimates in Budgets

Introduction Public budgeting can be described as the vital practice of revenue allocation for a given government or organization for it to achieve its economic and social obligations. Additionally, budgeting may consist of management of public expenditures in manner that will ensure that the most economic impact is realized (Chantrill,...


Treasury and Money Supply Functions in the US

Money is a form of medium of exchange used to purchase goods and services. It is the generally accepted unit of exchange, which is used to pay for purchases. Money is created in the mint by the federal bank of the country. Thus, the government issues coins and paper currency,...


Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Issue

Introduction People work in different organizations hence they spend most of their time there. It then follows that while at the workplace, they are likely to face various ethical dilemmas. Some of them occur on a regular basis and affect employees negatively. However, there are ways through which some of...


The WTO and the Failure of the Doha Rounds

The Doha Development Agenda The Doha Development Agenda is the current round of trade negotiations that involve members of the World Trade Organization. The negotiations were launched in November 2001 in Doha, Qatar. The major objective of Doha is reforming international trade by establishing reduced trade barriers and enhancing trade...


Safety Management System Concept

Introduction According to Stolzer, Halford, and Goglia (2011), safety management system (SMS) is a business management system that is used to help in the management of safety issues in an organization. It is an effective way that helps in the identification and control of risks. One of the features of...


Orange PLC’s Organizational Behavior and Negotiation

Introduction Orange PLC Company is one of the most profitable international companies in the global business arena. The company has its headquarters in New York. The New York branch has 250 employees in the three departments of production, marketing, human resource management. To survive and control a sizable share of...

Financial Markets

Financial Crisis in the 2007-2008 Years

A financial crisis is one of the issues that have generated a heated debate among scholars and financial analysts for years. The 2007/08 financial crisis is one of the worst that has ever happened in the global economy. Many scholars and analysts employ various models and theories in explaining the...