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Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Self-Development for Managers: Why Is It Important?

Personal development can be defined as a process that serves the purpose of bettering one’s personal qualities and abilities. Continual development is especially important for those that are leading other people and organizations. Firstly, managers who make a conscious effort to improve themselves can lead their employees by example (Woodcock,...

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Moving In Ltd.: Project Initiation

Purpose of Document This document is about a new plan for the renovation of the new premises for Moving In Ltd. The document outlines the activities that are to be carried out together with their timelines. The plan is in place to ensure that smooth transition takes place. However, there...

Marketing Strategy

Huda Beauty: Marketing Strategy

Introduction The principal target of a marketing strategy depends on the customer’s taste. Indeed, market research has to be carried out, and the findings must be implemented to attract more patrons and maximize profits. Huda Beauty has determined that its most effective strategy of marketing is through the use of...

Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing: Bates Farms and Dairy

Introduction When entering a new market, companies have to consider various challenges related to different brand-customer relations and the individual traits and expectations of each community. The previously discussed idea was for a United Kingdom-based dairy business, Bates Farms and Dairy, to enter the United States market with their range...

Marketing Strategy

Coca-Cola Company’s Strategic Marketing Management

The modern business environment is characterized by numerous factors that can either hinder or support performance. Some of them include emerging technologies, competitive business models, availability of related products, and changing consumer expectations. Managers who consider these issues find it easier to formulate superior approaches to achieving the intended aims....

Marketing Strategy

Tesla, Inc.: Electric Vehicles Manufacturing

Situation Review Digital marketing has become part and parcel of any brand’s development strategy. Since the rapid expansion of online services across the globe at the beginning of the 21st century, physical advertising and marketing have lost their influence on the target user. As it may be understood from the...

Marketing Strategy

An Integrated Marketing Strategy for Colgate

Executive Summary Colgate is a major American-based conglomerate that holds the dominant position in the international market of dental health products. As it stands, the company holds 47% of the world market, being the only company, whose products have been used at least once by 67% of all households (“About...

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Marketing Strategy

Strategic Service Vision Report Paws n’ Tails

Executive Summary The presented report was commissioned to examine the strategic business vision of the grooming service facility Paws n’ Tails. The research draws attention to the critical components of any business planning process, such as organization overview, target market segmentation, current and future implications, and the service concept. The...

Marketing Strategy

Amazon and eBay Firms’ Customer Perceived Value

Introduction The volume of purchases from a particular online marketing platform depends on the customer’s perceived value of the website (Maita 2018). Amazon and eBay are some of the most renowned online markets worldwide, and their survival in the highly competitive commercial environment is due to the unique positioning that...

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy: The Implemention of the Servqual Model

Introduction The given marketing strategy report will primarily focus on customers and how every member of the personnel needs to be aware of this. One should understand that inner organisational intricacies are irrelevant if they do not bring the required degree of customer satisfaction. The business should focus on both...

Marketing Strategy

Zara Company: Market Strategy

Introduction On the background of ever-changing requirements of the global market, fashion companies have to develop new strategies and adjust their approaches to provide competitiveness and capability of resisting unexpected challenges. In this aggressive environment, a brand, which insights consumers’ needs and preferences and provides a widespread distribution of its...

Marketing Strategy

Mi Company: Strategic Marketing

Before: Introductory Overview Successful companies take the issue of marketing seriously to ensure that the targeted customers receive finished products and services in a timely manner. As one of the emerging companies in China, Mi has managed to remain innovative and produce superior gadgets that resonate with the demands of...

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan for iGluco in China

Introduction Under normal conditions, the human body releases insulin from the pancreas to regulate blood sugar levels. However, if this function is impaired, patients have to manually regulate their glucose levels because if left untreated, the condition could have a debilitating effect on patients by damaging their eyes, kidneys, nerves,...

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How Did India’s Economy Affect the World’s Economy?

Introduction Globalization is a dominant trend that drives the development of the world’s economy. This phenomenon has resulted in the fact that all nations cooperate to contribute to overall growth. This state of affairs leads to the fact that some countries experience essential improvements that allow them to become more...


Controlling Management at Amazon

Amazon is an iconic company and a trailblazer that does not need an introduction. Year after year, the company beats its records: in 2020, there are 150 million Amazon Prime (a fast, subscription-based delivery service) subscribers (Mohsin, 2020). The company’s revenue in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to $75.5...

Financial Management

Share Price Movements Analysis

Share price movements are of great concern within traders, financiers, and people related to this field of activities. The price depends on many factors. The first point in this case concerns the type of a product or service. Second, price varies in its scale. That is why the experts tend...

Financial Management

Financial Management in Health Care

The difference between accounting and finance Accounting is the sphere of financial management of the hospital’s assets that does not involve any decision-making processes. It involves the arrangement of tools for assessing the current position of a hospital, i.e. through the preparation of financial and income statements, balance sheets, cash...


Organizational Behavior and Culture in Emirates Airline

Executive Summary Developments in computer technology, psychology, and statistical methods have allowed scientists to establish the relationship between company success and organizational behavior and culture. This paper explores Emirates Airline in the context of organizational behavior and discusses how leadership techniques, employee motivation, and customer-centricity have allowed the company to...

Business Strategy

“The Moss Village” Social Enterprise: The Business Plan

Summary The purpose of a social enterprise is to balance the profits and the benefit to society. “The Moss Village” aims to transform the vision of the modern community and housing by designing and constructing houses that are energy efficient and where the inhabitants can use nature’s resources with caution....

Business Strategy

Sustainability of the Organisation

Business sustainability is a concept that largely determines organisations’ market success and development opportunities both in the short and long term. According to Muntean (2018, p. 335), three key dimensions should be taken into account when discussing this indicator – “social, environmental, and economic aspects”. Business sustainability is the responsibility...

Business Ethics

The Potential Impact of the Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

The discussion on the topic of corporate social responsibility (CSR), having arisen in developed countries in 1970, has nowadays spread throughout the world. Now, having stepped over the economic sphere, it enters the field of public policy not only in developed but also in developing countries. Furthermore, the role of...