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Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Recent business essay samples

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Using a Marketing Agency: Pros and Cons

Introduction Promotion is a crucial component of any business strategy a company follows. Most small and medium-sized organizations have outsourcers for various services, including marketing. Although large companies usually have an advertising team, medium ones can have only a marketing manager, whereas small companies may not even have such a...

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Product Comparison: Competitive Analysis

Literature Review In order to successfully promote a product, position it and perform market research – it is necessary to use competitive analysis. The central tasks of this approach are to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product, identify the target audience, study the development strategy and optimize the...


MSH Brands Company’s Analysis & Marketing Plan

Executive Summary MSH Brands is a company that has established itself as one of the leading dog food manufacturers. It sells affordable products and shows slow but stable growth in terms of annual revenue. MSH Brands has to introduce a new weight-management offering for dogs to find a source of...


EZ-Schedule Application’s Ad Budget Strategy

Introduction In today’s highly competitive and rapidly-developing market of software, there is a need to build relationships with customers and distinguish products from the alternatives. Promotion refers to a set of activities to communicate the value of a product or service, making people aware of the opportunities it provides (Armstrong...


Experienced Leader in Modern Organization’s Development

Introduction The importance of developing leadership behavior in management and business is undeniable. Leadership is an extensive notion that requires several skills to be developed. Communication may be a crucial skill since it is needed to ensure both the ability to find a common language with employees and colleagues and...

Human Resource Management

Rewards Satisfaction Elements’ Impact on Employees’ Turnover

Introduction A survey was conducted to identify the interrelation between distinct factors, including financial rewards, material rewards, and psychological rewards, with job satisfaction levels. Another objective was to determine if satisfaction levels maintained by the above-mentioned factors influence workers’ turnover intentions. The survey considers age groups as the most significant...

Human Resource Management

Cultural Diversity Benefits in Business

Introduction The process of organizing and successfully running a business in a culturally diverse setting – especially carrying out serious projects – is not only laborious and painstaking, but also quite complex in terms of cross-cultural management. Roberson (2019) states that “both researchers and practitioners have strived (and struggled) to...

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Leadership Styles

Military Leadership Traits: Leveraging into Business

Introduction It is known that leadership is a type of management interaction based on the most effective combination of various sources of power for a given situation, aimed at encouraging people to achieve common goals. Strength and compulsion in leadership are often replaced by drive and excitement. As a result...

Human Resource Management

Candidate Experience as Employment Selection Issue

Introduction American companies spend a significant amount of resources on employment selection and hiring. Only in 2017 businesses filled over 66 million vacancies and spent an average of $4,129 per job to find satisfactory candidates (Cappelli, 2019). Therefore, the process of employment selection has turned into a two-way street. On...

Company Analysis

Emirates Airlines Foundation Analysis

EAF Description The Emirates Airline Foundation Company specializes in humanitarian assistance, charity, and other activities that are intended to help people who have particular needs or seek aid. The organization might be considered non-profitable as its employees, projects, and other actions are supported by the financial and Internal Audit departments...

Company Analysis

Mountain Bank’s Competitive Strategies and Human Resource Tools

The functioning of a modern organization is a complex issue because of the need to consider multiple factors affecting its growth. Diversification in clients’ demands, globalization, digitalization, and the increase in the level of rivalry precondition the need to generate a competitive advantage that would help a particular unit to...

Company Analysis

Pixar Company Analysis From Aspects of Business

Introduction A multimillion animation studio experience various ups and downs during the history of its existence. Pixar studio is a unique phenomenon that represents not only the creative and comprehensive approach to animation but also a perfect example of organizational management. The studio annually produces hundredth of films that are...

Company Analysis

ARAMCO Company’s Financial Analysis

Summary ARAMCO is a leading company in the energy and chemicals sector. The company is privately-owned and mainly leads in the production of oil globally. ARAMCO is based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and has on various occasions come out as the most profitable company in the world (ARAMCO, n.d.). This...

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Company Analysis

Adidas Speedfactory Relocation Project Assessment

Introduction Adidas is a global sporting gear-producing company with a long history of manufacturing and selling sportswear for different market segments worldwide. The company originated in Germany, where its headquarters are located. However, throughout the years of its successful presence in the global sporting products and apparel market, Adidas has...

Company Analysis

Summary of Audit Plan for California Crunch Company

Summary of the Audit Plan The internal audit plan specific for the California Crunch Company will seek to determine the issues and problems currently affecting the company’s financial status and also determine the addressable strengths and weaknesses (AICPA, 2017). Accomplishing a successful audit for the company will require a comprehensive...

Company Analysis

The Boeing Company: Organization Structure

Without a formal Organization, no business can withstand the challenges of serving clients, marketing its products and services, daily operation, and managing human resources. An entrepreneur organizes numerous factors of production such as capital, land, machinery, and labor by channeling them into productive activities. In other words, the organization is...

Business Analysis Case Study

John Deere Reman Company Remanufacturing Issues

Introduction To achieve general sustainability in all manufacturing processes, tighter regulations from the states are implemented in an effort to promote environmental conservation, changing trends for customer prevalence for environmentally friendly products. This is as a result of various known and emerging issues, for instance, the depletion of non-renewable resources....

Business Analysis Case Study

How the “Batterygate” Scandal Affected Apple

Apple is a technology international company that designs, develops, and sells electronics such as computers, software and also engages in online businesses. It is among the top 5 companies in the United States based in California. The company is best known to produce the best hardware products such as Macintosh...

Business Analysis Case Study

Harford and Li: The Case Study

Introduction Shareholders do not directly participate in management, transferring this function to the hired CEO. It may result in a conflict of interest of owners and managers as the leading participants in corporate relations. Shareholders are concerned about a highly profitable company strengthening its long-term business position and a low...

Business Analysis Case Study

Jain University’s Business School and Its Problems

Business Issues Jain University’s business school currently faces several problems which complicate its functioning as a respectable educational institution. The first issue stems from the lack of the graduates’ ability to find employment. According to the school’s dean’s statements, there have been reports of many alumni failing to find a...

Business Analysis Case Study

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Improving Client Communication

Introduction The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is a large corporation, which specialization implies delivering banking and financial services. It is based in Toronto, Canada, and was founded in the middle of the 20th century. These days, all organizations in various fields pay a significant amount of attention to...