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Human Resource Management

Data Analysis of Employment Market Using Text Mining & Job Finder System

Abstract This research report analyzes the application of text mining and job finder systems in data analysis of the employment market. A literature and source review provides an insight into how these information technologies can be used for getting an advantage in recruitment, job search, analysis of employees’ moods, and...

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Human Resource Management

Does Telecommuting Improve Productivity?

Introduction The working climate is one of the critical factors impacting the performance of employees, their motivation, and the ability to achieve success. The positive atmosphere and the absence of serious stressors can contribute to the improved results and specialists’ ability to solve complex issues or engage in challenging processes....

Human Resource Management

Depression Screening & Treatment in the Workplace

Depression is one of the most common causes of disabilities and is associated with regular absenteeism in the workplace. Regular off-days reduce productivity and impact negatively the company’s profitability. Therefore, depression and treatment have the potential of changing the financial position of employees and employers. Depression is a mood disorder...

Human Resource Management

Team Development Stages, Barriers, and Strategies

In 1966, a psychologist named Bruce Tuckman explained how healthy teams hold together over time. He went ahead and explained that teams undergo five stages of development. That is, forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. This group of team developments represents a step on the team-building ladder. This team can...

Human Resource Management

Improving Employee Performance Through Feedback

Appraisal of the work of the company’s employees is a widespread procedure, which is usually carried out by managers on a regular basis. For a long time, these assessments were based on three main theories, which justified their implementation. The theory of the source of truth notes that reviews show...

Human Resource Management

Challenges and Benefits of Employing a Diverse Workforce

Background Information Globalization has increased the mobilization of human resources as people move from rural areas to cities as well as cross-border exchanges. Such shifts result in diverse populations and the workforce assimilated in different organizations. Similarly, as companies expand from small-scale outlets to global stores, they require labor from...

Human Resource Management

Debate on Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Introduction Some people argue that difference in the gender matters in the workplace and some others argue that the gender does not matter in the workplace. Those who argue that gender difference in the workplace is a matter of concern, have their own reasons to support their argument and same...

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Human Resource Management

Strategies in Rebuilding Trust and Reuniting Involved Parties

In any work environment, conflict is bound to occur since the parties involved have different personalities and work under stress. In the greedy seven case study, a conflict occurs whereby a few individuals are set to get a pay rise while others who feel they are qualified do not. This...

Human Resource Management

The Lack of People Interested in Skilled Trades in America

Introduction In the 21st century, more people pursue higher education in order to build successful careers in prominent industries. Millions of young students envisage the life of a lawyer, finance expert, or a doctor. In many cases, such aspirations are conditioned by a combination of strong factors. First of all,...


Amazon Inc.’s Performance and Development Framework

Introduction Amazon Inc. is among the most reputable technology-driven companies in the e-commerce world, serving a global clientele. The tech-based organization has diversified its operations to include artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital innovations (Castelli et al., 2017). It has also invested significantly in high-level performance management systems within its...


Coca-Cola Change Management

Company Overview The Coca-Cola Company is a well-known and valuable firm in the world and the world’s top manufacturer of carbonated beverages. Its headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Coca-Cola advertises throughout the world, emphasizing the Company’s commitment to the international market. Coca-Cola has been sold in bottles since...


Leadership and Change Management in Organizations

Introduction Due to globalization and recent innovation in processes, organizations must adapt to changes to match the current trends in business. Most of the firms are constant in moving with the new styles and may want a rationale as to why they need to get changed in the product and...


Burger King Company’s Operations Management

Executive Summary This report provides a detailed overview of the operations management in the “Burger King” franchise. It highlights the key areas of the operations management in Burger King, provides the process chart for the hamburger production and examines the lean principles implemented in the production process. In the second...

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General Motors and Ford Motor Companies’ Change Management

Introduction Change management is the methodical style and use of knowledge, implements, and resources to address the change. It encompasses outlining and implementing corporate policies, arrangements, processes, and technologies to manage transformations in external environments and the business surrounding. Successful change administration surpasses project handling and technical roles undertaken to...


Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Performance

Introduction In the 21st century, the operational context of modern companies has seen an increase in complexity and interconnectedness. If previously organizations could concentrate on the efficiency of their internal operations and the functioning of the supply chain, the present context introduces a different perspective. In today’s complex business environment,...

Company Analysis

Analysis of Uber American Company

Introduction Uber is an American international public company from San Francisco that has created a mobile application of the same name for finding, calling, and paying for taxis or private drivers and delivering food. The company was founded in 2009, and at first, it was intended only for travel in...

Company Analysis

American Airlines’ Strategic Position Analysis

Competing in the internal market is the primary goal of American Airlines. The company’s strategic position can be understood through doing an HR analysis, financial resource analysis, and operational resource analysis. The first point is going to look at the HR analysis. Human resources are the most important assets that...

Company Analysis

Organizational Work Environment: The Case of Cisco

Introduction There are many aspects that should characterize a good work environment, including the organization’s culture, remuneration, the opportunity for advancement, and the nature of work. The company should not just be concerned with how they can extract value from employees to achieve their mission but also how workers can...

Company Analysis

American Airlines’ Advantage in the Industry

Introduction Aviation is one of the fastest and dynamically developing sectors of the world economy. It remains in an increasingly strong position in the global transport system. These days, many airlines operate within the highly competitive market. The most prominent example is American Airlines, an aviation organization that provides all...

Company Analysis

Beyond Meat Firm and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

In the current research, the structure of Beyond Meat is analyzed according to Porter’s model of five forces. The study shows how different strengths and weaknesses of the company can enhance its profitability and distinctiveness. The firm pertains to a range of newly established organizations that bases its production on...

Company Analysis

Organizational Analysis: Power-Share & Decision-Making

How the work setting is organized The work setting in my institution can be considered mostly formal but with certain informal elements. My organization is structured, and every employee has a well-defined set of professional duties and obligations, every person is assigned their tasks and held accountable for their performance,...