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Best Free Business Essay Examples

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Video Game Development Industry’s Challenges

Introduction The current assignment aims at representing one of the grand challenges for the video game development industry. Precisely, cancel culture and the impact of its adherents’ actions are analysed throughout the work. According to Clement (2021) “a video game is an electronic game that can be played on a...

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Financial Management

Mergers in Financial Processes

Introduction In business transactions, firms may be assessing worth chains that might enable progress in the enterprises. One way in which companies develop their businesses is by having mergers. Mergers refer to any concurrence by two existing businesses to form one firm. On the same note, another strategy is known...


Business Expansion in Automotive and Motorcycle Industries

The Key Subject The purpose of this report is to discuss the possibility of business expansion from the perspective of assessing and comparing development prospects in two target spheres: the automotive and motorcycle industries. To perform a comprehensive analysis, relevant data on the current situation in both areas will be...


Emaar Properties’ Industry Opportunities and Threats

Introduction Emaar Properties is one of the leading real estate developers in the Middle East. Since 1997, it has developed and grown rapidly and is already represented in multiple markets. The company is known for its major projects and premier real estate (Rizvi, 2017). While being a stable company, Emaar...


Entering a New Automobile Industry

The Current State of the US Automotive Industry Recently, car sales have been the highest in the western United States, according to the chart presented in Figure 1. Based on this data, one can notice that the number of cars sold in this region exceeds that in Texas, the nearest...


Analysis of Entering a New Industry

Introduction This report aimed to assess the current performance of the car industry and determine the potential likelihood of moving to the motorcycle industry as a related sales industry. The key trends in sales and consumer interests were reviewed, and the outcomes of the assessments were compiled into statistics and...

Business Analysis Case Study

Apple Inc. vs. Pepper Case

Introduction Robert Pepper and other dissatisfied people (Edward W. Stephen H. Schwartz, Hater, Eric Terrell) claimed that Apple naturally takes advantage of the monopoly-transformed iPhone app market. As a result, they filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple Inc. The Apple Company is in charge of certain apps that can be...

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Company Analysis

Analysis of the Emirates Airlines

Introduction Today, air transportation is one of the most versatile and fastest modes of transport. Their main advantages are the transportation of passengers and cargo over particularly long distances. With the process of improving the material condition of the population and the development of its mobility in connection with the...

Human Resource Management

Training and Development: Embracing E-Learning Concept

Promoting training and development is one of the crucial parts of implementing proper talent management in the workplace. By insisting on continuous development and encouraging employees to train and acquire new skills, an HR manager will create a team of competent and reliable staff members with the propensity to self-directed...

Company Analysis

Starbucks Company Analysis: Financial Analysis and Rating

A thorough analysis of the financial state of the company is one of the components of commercial success. Analysis of activities allows the managing lead to assess the current position of the company, take into account risks and favorable factors, and draw up an adequate forecast for the future. Financial...

Company Analysis

Apple Inc. Company Analysis. Background Information

Apple Inc. (simply known as Apple) is a United States technology company, best known for its personal electronic devices under the brand names iPhone, iPad, iWatch, iMac, Airpods, and a few others. It is one of the largest technology and overall firms in the world and one of the few...

Company Analysis

McDonald’s Restaurant Chain’s Undercover Analysis

Company Overview The corporation was established in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald (the first restaurant was opened in San Bernardino, California) in 1948. The American foodservice corporation, the world’s largest fast-food franchise chain. In 2019, 38 885 restaurant chains operated under the McDonald’s trademark, of which 35 085...

Business Analysis Case Study

Fly Emirates Case Study

Introduction Emirates is a United Arab Emirates-based government-owned airline. Several changes were made over the development phase to accommodate the company’s growth. Despite Emirates being a relatively young airline, it has swiftly become one of the world’s most recognizable. Using cutting-edge technology and well-trained employees are the keys to their...

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Human Resource Management

Impact of Employee Engagement Programs

Contemporary businesses view employees as one of the most valuable assets available to them. Many business fields are highly competitive, and turnover, workplace conflicts, lack of motivation, and absenteeism of employees can substantially impact the competitive advantage and sustainability of a venture (Rana and Chopra, 2019). Furthermore, an unhealthy work...

Business Analysis Case Study

St. Nicks Alliance Business Justification

Introduction Business justification is an essential aid in the management of any project and is a tool for understanding and justifying those activities aimed at the development of the enterprise and require the investment of significant investment resources. A business justification is a conceptual document used for in-house planning and...

Business Analysis Case Study

Market Failure, Information Asymmetry & the Case for Regulation

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was presented as a regulatory response to widespread leadership and financial fraud in organizations. This legislation seeks to protect investors, employees, and buyers from possible information asymmetries that may result from withholding information for personal gain. Organizational fraud, in turn, can lead to market failure, which...

Human Resource Management

Impact of Culture and Language on Employee Productivity

Language and culture largely influence employee productivity in a business. Language determines the effectiveness of communication within the organization. It also determines how much impact a business can have on the market since a business mostly penetrates a market whose language and culture it understands. Similarly, culture affects the way...

Human Resource Management

Locke and Latham’s Theory at the Personal Workplace

Introduction Sustaining a high level of motivation and interest in professional activities is a significant concern for organizational behavior. Numerous studies have shown that increasing employee motivation greatly impacts team collaboration, communication efficiency, and leadership influence, promoting a productive atmosphere (Shoaib & Kohli, 2017). For me, of special interest is...

Human Resource Management

Social Media Policy to Control and Monitor Employee Online Behaviors

Introduction Organizations may need effective social media policies to control and monitor their employees’ behavior on online platforms in a world characterized by a vast dependency on social media. Downcity Motors is a family-owned company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in motor vehicle dealership operations. The company sells BMW,...


Arranging Information Within Knowledge-Intensive Organizations

Purpose of the paper: to give insights into the management of information in knowledge-based organizations. Scope of the paper: to provide: definitions of the terms; outlook on the field of organizational knowledge; recap of some of the issues that may arise in the field. In the modern day and age,...


Google: Organizational Behavior and Teamwork Effectiveness

Introduction Building a productive team of specialists who are able to cope with the assigned operational tasks efficiently and demonstrate high productivity is a crucial goal of both large and small businesses. Adequate leadership, quality incentive practices, strategic planning, and several other factors are valuable in achieving this perspective. This...