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Human Resource Management

Teamwork as the Core of Problem-Solving

Teams have become essential parts of the varied social environment, ranging from for-profit organizations to communities. Every person will have to depend on someone else at some point in their lives and work collaboratively to contribute to a common goal. No employee can do their work alone as the organizational...

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Human Resource Management

Preparing for the First Job Interview

Introduction The first job interview after college is one of the crucial events at the beginning of a working career. Despite the available knowledge, applicants tend to experience stress and anxiety. In this regard, the preparation process can go through several stages so that a potential employee could be aware...

Human Resource Management

Unbalanced Ratio of Working Hours to Rewards in Hotel

The aim of this study has been to examine the prevalence and impact of unbalanced working hours to reward ratio in the hotel sector. To meet this research aim, three objectives were developed. The first one was designed to understand the relationship between working hours and financial compensation received by...

Human Resource Management

The Interview Process of Candidates

Introduction If I were in charge of organizing the interview process for a number of candidates for a role of a customer support representative at an insurance company, I would advocate for the incorporation of video screening and departmental interviews. However, choosing the right type of interview is not enough...

Company Analysis

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGLE) Strategic Analysis

The history of Google can be traced to the initial idea of developing a search engine dependent on links to determine the importance of various pages within the World Wide Web. In 1998, the company received its first investment prompting Google Inc’s birth. The company began first among the student...

Company Analysis

Apple Inc.’s Exclusivity Policy and Distribution

The company’s exclusivity policy means that Apple has a constricted distribution system. The company selects approved vendors of its products carefully, for example. This section of Apple’s SWOT results reveals that a sole strategy promotes product distribution but limits its reach on the market. Moreover, Apple has the shortcoming of...

Company Analysis

Apple, Inc.: Company Analysis

Introduction Apple, Inc. is a California-based consumer electronics firm that significantly contributed to the industry’s development. The company is famous worldwide for the iconic iPhone, MacBook, and Macintosh software upgraded with the newest innovations almost yearly. Moreover, Apple, Inc. is the leader of Fortune’s latest “World’s Most Admired Companies” rating...

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Company Analysis

Salesforce Inc.’s External and Internal Analysis

Introduction Salesforce is a company that provides web-based customer relationship (CRM) applications to connect organizations and their clients. Today, this company is ranked high among the leading cloud computing and commercial networking organization (“About us,” 2020). Considering the success of Salesforce, it is important to conduct its strategic analysis and...

Company Analysis

Report on “Deloitte” Company Operations

Executive Summary Deloitte Company has been in operation since 1907, offering consulting services to the companies. Several changes have occurred as the company expands to reach more customers to gain more profit. One of the major moves for the company is the acquisition of Rice Warner, which was announced on...

Company Analysis

Industry Analysis: The U.S. Seal Mfg.

Introduction As innovations are important with regard to their implementation into the industry and the future success resulting in effective financial performance, it is necessary to introduce innovative units that can contribute greatly to the operation and maintenance of the business. In this respect, Dundon (2002) has suggested that “Looking...

Company Analysis

EKUEP Online Store That Caters to the Food Industry: Analysis

Introduction: Company Description EKUEP is the largest online store in the Middle East that caters to the food industry. This company deals with supplying restaurant and kitchen equipment in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE. In 2017 and 2018, EKUEP won the Best E-commerce Website in the Middle East...

Human Resource Management

Employment Tools and Documentation Used for Employee Selection

Introduction Hiring managers often use pre-employment tests to create a “whole person” profile to determine the most-suited person for a specific job position. The aforementioned approach involves obtaining information regarding person’s skills, intellectual capacity, personality, cultural fit, and motivation. Human resource executives typically utilize various pre-employment assessments to acquire the...

Human Resource Management

Employee Background Checks and Drug Testing Procedures

Human resource is one of the most fundamental management functions within an organization. Any entity seeking to achieve prolonged success and competitiveness in the market ought to invest wisely in its workforce. Internal processes such as recruitment and hiring of employees are often guided by various employment laws. Human resource...

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Human Resource Management

Walmart Corporation’s Employees Management

Abstract Walmart is a leading retail company in the United States, known for its use of innovation. Due to the fact that this is a retail business, it depends on the quality of associates’ communication with the customers and their ability to assist the latter. Hence, the focus of Walmart’s...

Human Resource Management

Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y in Contemporary Organizations

Introduction Staff motivation is an idea that started after the discovery that employees are significant resources of an organization that affects productivity. Douglas McGregor developed theories X and Y in response to the lack of considering the organization’s human side under traditional management theories. Theory X and Y emerged in...

Human Resource Management

Organizational Behaviour and Team Management

Individual Differences Individual differences are one of the aspects that can impact the way an organization performs. People differ, and every member of a business has his or her behaviors. Consequently, managers and leaders should ensure that they learn the differences among employees and focus on strategies that can help...

Business Analysis Case Study

The Expertise of Database Analysts

A consulting project described in the case study could be managed by the system analyst in several ways. Specifically, it is important to consider the overall project sensitivity in terms of financial limitations, legal restrictions as prescribed in credit laws, and personal data restrictions that prevent Credit Wonder from speaking...

Business Analysis Case Study

Kellogg Company’s Environmental Analysis

Introduction Kellogg Company (commonly known as Kellogg’s) is an American producer of food products. It was founded in 1900 by W.K. Kellogg and J.H. Kellogg in Battle Creek, Michigan, and is most famous for its ready-to-eat cereals (Pierre & Fischetto, 2020). The company has a global presence with customers in...

Business Analysis Case Study

Auto Safety Products Firm’s Teamwork Problems

Introduction Auto Safety Products is a firm that manufactures automobile seat belts. The company also specializes in infant and toddler safety seats. The firm has decided to change the products by developing a different design for the items. Recently, the company has initiated a concurrent engineering plan aiming to raise...

Business Analysis Case Study

The Department of Labor’s Change Management

Control over job allocation, labor market analysis, and other crucial aspects of employment at the national level are urgent tasks that the US Department of Labor (DOL) performs. Over more than a century of existence, the DOL has managed to develop its structural base significantly and organize individual systems and...

Business Analysis Case Study

Wild Dog Coffee Company: Business Plan

Gathering information on the business operations is crucial in business decision-making. It requires the stakeholders to use tools such as checklists, scores, experiments, and observations. This process is vital because it helps the company to track its progress, identify its service processes, and create instructions that are used in planning....