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Company Analysis

Caterpillar Inc.: Company Evaluation

Overview Caterpillar Inc. is an American corporation that was founded in California in 1925 and is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment. According to Caterpillar (n.d.a), the company also produces mining equipment, natural gas and diesel engines, diesel-electric locomotives, and industrial gas turbines. Caterpillar operates on all continents,...

Human Resource Management

Orange Motorway Services Ltd’s Human Resource Management

The strategic goal of HR service is to increase the company’s value by improving the efficiency of management of the most valuable resource of any organization, its capital – people. A modern HR director should understand the specifics of his company’s business as a whole and share the mission and...

Human Resource Management

An Intervention in Remote and Hybrid Work

Remote working, where employees work from home, has become a trend in today’s job market. However, it does have numerous disadvantages and risks. The main problem is that employees will be more affected by work anxiety and burnout, which can cause many issues like internet addiction. Remote working has changed...

Human Resource Management

The Catholic Charities Diocese of Cleveland Managing Diversity

Background The Diocese of Cleveland in the Northern Ohio area was founded in 1847 by Bishop Louis A. Rappe, who served for over three decades. He laid the foundation for the charity events that the organization runs as it seeks to provide help and create hope for the needy in...

Human Resource Management

Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy

Due to subpar services, DrainFlow, a plumbing maintenance company in the USA, has been losing clients to rivals. Employee satisfaction is crucial in any workplace since it impacts many actions individuals engage in. When managers or owners of an organization cannot obtain satisfying performance from their staff, it truly affects...

Human Resource Management

Evidence-Based Human Resource Management

Introduction Human resource management is a department task in most organisations globally to recruit company employees and play an important role in developing the company workforce. The department identifies the gap within the organisation, which requires human resources and advertises them, and then recruits after evaluating the potential candidates with...

Human Resource Management

The Amazon Firm’s Performance Management System

Introduction Amazon’s culture and objectives demonstrate that Jeff Bezos, the corporation’s founder, embraces an unconventional strategy. It emphasizes a strong focus on satisfying clients’ needs to increase the company’s performance and growth. Employees are often compelled into an environment that encourages original thinking and is regarded as an alluring workplace...

Human Resource Management

Impact of Online Platforms on Recruitment

Review of Literature Recruitment is among the human resource elements that significantly impact an organization by bringing potential employees into an institution. Barreto and Alturas (2018) described recruitment as an activity conducted by an organization to bring new employees into the company. Recruitment is a necessary measure accompanied by the...


BP Management During the Gulf Oil Spill

Introduction The BP oil leak, “Deepwater Horizon oil spill,” was the foulest in history, lasting about ninety days in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Its consequences are still felt after the oil was stopped from being released into the environment (Kanso et al., 2020). There have been other reportedly...


Problem-Solving in the Workplace

Introduction Problem-solving in the workplace allows people to find successful solutions and management for unexpected and complex situations. Individuals with excellent problem-solving abilities employ both creative and analytical thinking to resolve issues in the office. The phenomenon is significant because it ensures employees take part in the psychological process of...


Aspects of In-Person Audit Tests

Introduction The study will be contacted through an audit methodology, which will be comprised of correspondent and in-person tests. These two audit types can capture inequality, discrimination, and biases in the labor market (Portillo et al., 2020; Adamovic, 2020). In-person audit tests involve matching two people in terms of job-linked...

Company Analysis

Tim Hortons Fast-Food Restaurant Analysis

Introduction: Business Environment Tim Hortons is a global chain of fast-food restaurants with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It offers coffee, donuts, and other fast food items, and with 4,846 locations across 14 countries as of 31 December 2018 in Canada, it was the biggest chain of quick-service restaurants. The company’s...

Human Resource Management

What Motivates Me as an Employee

Introduction Due to employees’ hard work, the efficient and high-quality work performed at the workplace should be attributed entirely to the employees. There is no such thing as a successful firm that does not rely on the efforts of its employees. People go to work in order to generate sufficient...

Human Resource Management

Leadership Competencies, Theories, and Models

Introduction: Leadership Competencies Today, society, its politics, economy, ideology and culture require a new type of leaders who interact optimally with people, possessing leadership qualities, capable of analysis, motivation, strategic thinking, creativity and efficiency. However, finding and employing competent professionals remains an urgent problem. Currently, many organizations operating in a...

Human Resource Management

Decent Work in Western Australia

Summary Decent work is productive work for men and women in conditions involving human dignity, security, equity, and freedom. The International Labor Organization (ILO) considers work decent when it ensures employment security and safe working conditions (European Commission, 2022). It further provides equal treatment and opportunities for everyone involved. ILO’s...

Company Analysis

A Comparison of the Business Models of Ufounders and LegalZoom

Introduction Spain’s essential business principles are saving face, family, closeness, and reluctance to risks. Spaniards are recognized for being more laid back than their European competitors and for having a strong sense of regional pride. Although hierarchies tend to be vertical and rank matters, persons at the third or fourth...

Company Analysis

International Business Environment: A Case Study of Huawei

Abstract The global market enables entrepreneurial individuals to create revenue outside their home country. Porter’s strategic model is formed like a diamond and comprises pieces that define Huawei’s case for international competitiveness inside a framework. Kalvin Lancaster and Paul Krugman popularized the concept of global strategic rivalry conflicts by concentrating...

Company Analysis

The Uber Taxi-Hailing Company’s Analysis

Problem Background The taxi-hailing industry had undergone a significant transformation since the inception of Uber in 2009 when it began operations in San Francisco. The founders of Uber, Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick, revolutionized the taxi industry by introducing an app-based substitute, which became a game-changer in how cabs operate...

Company Analysis

Vestas Wind Systems A/S SWOT Analysis

Introduction Most companies utilize the SWOT analysis tool to assess their market position. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that face the organizations are established. Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the world’s biggest wind turbine firm, is a well-accomplished company with plants in many countries. Expanding into an international market is...

Human Resource Management

Walmart: Performance Management and Training

Introduction Performance management is used by a wide range of companies, either formally with an organizational framework or informally with ongoing conversations. Performance management is the process of recognizing, evaluating, and improving an employee’s performance while ensuring it is in line with the firm’s strategic goals (Brown et al., 2019)....

Human Resource Management

Report on Richard Hackman’s Statement

Introduction Complex projects in an organization comprise an array of activities, tasks, and decisions that require a diverse skill pool for the project to be successfully implemented according to the set goals. In such projects, teams work on specific aspects to ensure that sharing ideas and collective energy makes the...


The UAE’s Humanitarian Action and Foreign Policy

Executive Summary The United Arab Emirates remain among the world’s top humanitarian aid donor in relation to its Gross National Income. Further, through the use of its soft power, the country has effectively won the interests of the international communities. This has led to the opening of the UAE to...

Business Analysis Case Study

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Organizational Problem Analysis

Introduction In essence, businesses remain constantly evolving, and with evolution, organizations should adapt to realize numerous challenges. Research offers that nearly 50% of organizational initiatives for amendments often do not succeed (Shrivastava et al., 2022). Problems with knowledge about planning, understanding the change process, and coordination, including executing transformation, contribute...

Company Analysis

Intrepid Bakers Ltd’s Strategic (SWOT) Analysis

Introduction The following assessment has scrutinized the environmental and SWOT analysis of Intrepid Bakers company. Under the macro-environmental analysis, this essay explains the impact of technological innovations, COVID-19, Brexit, and competition on the daily operations of Intrepid Bakers organization. Furthermore, in the microenvironmental analysis, the marketing strategies and customer acquisition...

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